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EAU Webinar - Rezum treatment for BPH

30 Sep 2021

Richard Hindley recently presented at this EAU (European Association of Urologists) Webinar to discuss the use of Rezum as a minimally invasive treatment for BPH. He discusses how he has developed this treatment through both his NHS and private practices since 2017. 


Promising early outcomes for UK based trials

10 Nov 2020

Richard Hindley and his team at Hampshire Hospitals have been part of the UK trials for Rezum. In November the BJUI published the early outcomes of these trials which show promising results for Rezum in the UK.  


NICE publish medical technologies guidance for Rezum

24 Jun 2020

Following further studies for Rezum treatment for BPH with the Rezum II Study, NICE have published the next steps in their medical technologies guidance on the use of Rezum and it's impact on the NHS. Key points from this report highlight the durability and cost benefits associated with Rezum implementation and include:

  1. Rezum should be used for men with moderate to severe LUTS with an estimated prostate volume of 30 cm3to 80 cm3
  2. Quality of life is an important outcome when considering patient benefit
  3. The rate of surgical reintervention is low with Rezum
  4. Rezum is a day surgery procedure that can be done under local anaesthetic with sedation but it may not be suitable for everyone
  5. Carrying out Rezum as day surgery is the main driver for cost savings
  6. Rezum is cost saving when compared to standard treatments such as TURP and HoLEP.

Professor Richard Hindley has been instrumental in the collation of data from his Rezum patients and engaging with NICE as an expert adviser. Having now performed over 600 Rezum cases, we continue to audit our patients and collect data to support the efficacy of this treatment as an option for our patients with BPH.


New therapies for BPH provide different patient benefits

20 Feb 2020

As treatments for BPH therapies continue to evolve rapidly with an extensive offering of minimally invasive treatments, this online conference provides details on all the options available and includes live surgery.

Richard Hindley presents his views on the benefits of each surgical treatment and discusses how consultants need to enable patients to make the choice that suits their own lifestyle and condition. He also covers the research he is involved in looking at how patients make their decisions and how Urologists can help them on this journey.


Both sides of the Rezum story

05 Sep 2019

Getting both the consultant and the patient side of the story for treating BPH and choosing Rezum. Richard Hindley and Amr Emara explain the technique whilst 2 patients share their story.

Guardian Supplement Rezum story 


How Rezum compares to other traditional BPH treatments

28 Mar 2019

Richard Hindley and his team discuss the technique behind Rezum and how it compares to the other established treatments for BPH. This article was printed in Trends In Men's Health journal.

Trends in Mens Health March April 2019


Rezum - the latest in BPH treatment

08 Oct 2018

Richard Hindley writes for Top Dr's website with a lowdown on Rezum treatment for BPH


Eammon Holmes interviews Richard Hindley on Talk Radio on the new Rezum treatment

23 Aug 2018

Following news of the approval from NICE for Rezum steam treatment for BPH, as the leading surgeon in bringing this treatment to the UK, Richard Hindley is interviewed on Talk Radio, along with a patient of his to give both sides of the story.



Rezūm receives NICE approval

21 Aug 2018

Media coverage of the prostate steam treatment, Rezum, pioneered by Professor Richard Hindley, has been followed up by confirmation from NICE that the minimally invasive treatment has been approved as a treatment option for the NHS.

Professor Hindley has been carrying out the procedure since March 2017 and over 100 cases have been performed. The procedure is widely used in the USA. Benefits of the procedure are attractive to both the NHS and patients due to the short procedure time and no need for overnight stay.

Full details of the NICE approval can be read here


NICE due to approve Rezum steam treatment for BPH

20 Aug 2018

As we wait for the official approval from NICE for Rezum steam treatment for BPH, the Daily Mail report on the procedure and the choice it opens up for men wanting minimally invasive treatment for BPH